How to make WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM

That’s exactly what I plan to do next. I used the discreet plugins because It wasn’t working and thought I needed them as opposed to the built-in Output formats. Now that the issue is resolved, and the offending option corrected, I’ll try the normal Batch conversion facility again. Finally, hopefully, I’ll set it up as a Watch Folder.

Watch Folder setup using standard batch conversion. 60 Files successfully converted - no errors.
Thanks all.

Hey All,
Glad you found success, unfortunately I still have not. Even with the “Optimzed headers option turned off”, I still am getting extra metadata in my .wav files that is preventing their use on some (extremely simple basic code) audio players. I still have to use Audacity to open and re-save all the wav files in order to remove the metadata.

PG, I’ve simply been to busy working to continue trouble shooting this but I’d really like to get it solved. I can follow up with you directly and provide examples along with details on the extra metadata. I’ve used a program called synalize-which has a display of metadata files contain. It shows the meta data in a wav file and that files made in Wavelab are including extra metadata that Audacity clears out. Whats the best way for me to provide you with those files?

If this is a small file, give it as attachment to a private message.

I’ll send an audio file and an image that shows the extra meta data next week, can’t get to it today or tomorrow.
Thanks for being willing to look into it further.

Just out of interest. Has there been some kind of conclusion with regard to wavcatcher’s issue as discussed in this thread?