How to makes 5.1 pan tracks?

Hello, everyone.
I’m using Nuendo 11.
I’m currently doing 5.1 channel mixing.
However, if you do the add track, you can’t make a track that looks like a A .
How do I make it? All the tracks I made are being made like B.

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A track with just 5.1 characters written, not 5.1 pan, is made.

May be you have a stereo bus output.
You need a 5.1 output bus and route the output of the track to it to have the 5.1 panner.
The tracks can be mono stereo or anything else, but need to be routed to a 5.1 output.
Hope this helps.


Thank you. I set the bus to 5.1. However, it is presumed that it is because the stereo bus was also used. The 5.1 pan track was made by deleting the stereo bus.

Could be helpful to read the chapter
Preparations for Creating Surround Mixes
in the Nuendo_12_Operation_Manual_en that you can find in the steinberg web.

The chapter “Setting the Default Output Bus (Main Mix)” could be helpful too