How to manage 2 soundcards

Hi everyone! I’m new in using cubase and here’s my problem: I got a sound module (Roland SC-DC70) for my keybord which works as a sound card. And I also use a sound module for the guitar (Cakewalk V-Studio 20) which also works as a soun card. If I want to record a piece with both piano and guitar (from my 2 hardwares) how can I have it recorded and then played from 2 different soun cards? Just guess it’s impossible. Or maybe not’ Thanks for a solution.

Edit: Check this out:

This process is more complicated than I originally suspected.

It’s probably less complicated nowadays as this info was published back in '99. Technology has come a long ways since then and up to date info is probably available with a search.

:blush: Is that a screenshot Cubase SX? :blush:

Thanks Bane, I’ll check this site. Seems quite complex at first sight but I still didn’t read it all yet. I’ll let you know if I could work it out.

Do you think this would be the same procedure as managing two audio interfaces simultaneously? If so, it’s definitely alot more simple when you use the ASIO4ALL driver.

I think you should be able to set it up with ASIO4all?
Enable all the outputs in the driver you want, go to VST connections in cubase and set up the outputs there and you should be able to select them as outputs to whatever cubase track you want.

Unless I’m missing something?

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. :slight_smile: