How to manage Percussion Staves and Notation

Hi all, I seem to be having some difficulty figuring out formatting for my percussion parts in Dorico and I was wondering if I could have some assistance.

1: Look at bar 22 in the score and in the Percussion parts— “All Percussion 1” and "All Percussion 2”. I’m not using the single percussion parts, so they’re not formatted, but those use a staff like the score, while the “All percussion” parts use a single line with notes on the spaces above and below a single line.

2: I’d like the Timbales at 42 and the Log Drum at 76 to appear as the Metal Plates do in the “All Percussion” part. You’ll see that they show up with a different staff situation in the score.

I have attached my Dorico file below, any help would be appreciated.


Soul Chaconne 2023.09.13 (1).dorico (4.0 MB)

Hi Thejas and welcome to the forum.
I’m quite impressed by the first score in Dorico you post here, it seems you’ve been working already quite a bit with our beloved notation program !

  1. What I notice when I check your Layout options (alt+cmd+L)>Players>Percussions is that some Layouts use 5-line-staff, others Grid. So it’s normal that they don’t look the same for these instruments

  2. Same as First question. It looks like what you’re after with those instruments is Grid notation. So make sure this is the Layout option selected in every Layout where you want those to appear :wink:

Hope it helps,


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