How to manage sysex patches for an external synth?


I have a Roland MKS-7 synth (it is the rack version of the Juno-106). The synth has no memory for you to store your own patches, however, it can receive all sorts of parameters by sysex (no MIDI CC, though).
What I’d like to do is create somewhere (Mediabay?) in Cubase a subfolder with a list of my own patches to send on demand to my MKS-7. A patch would be a number of sysex commands (one line per parameter, e.g. cutoff filter = 64). So, when I select a patch of mine, it sends maybe 20-30 lines of sysex one after the other to my MKS-7 to set all parameters properly. How can I achieve this in Cubase?

Hmm, tricky… One way might be to put the sysex into a midi part on the project window and play it in. Then keep a project full of just those midi parts? You could even turn each one into a .mid file, then maybe you could play it in media bay - although what output it might go to I’m not sure.

There’s also something called a MIDI Device Panel, and although I’ve not tried to use it for years I think you can use it to create a facsimile of the MKS-7 and then store snapshots for recall later. Look in Help->MidiDevices for more info on this.

Out of curiosity I found this link:


Thanks Mike. Yes, I have used the MKS-7 device panel to play around with my rack synth, but there is no way to save patches…

I thought you could save snapshots of the panel, or is that not the case? The + sign at the top of the window used to be it, perhaps it’s all changed now?


Apart from writing your own Device Panel (not for the faint-hearted, and not very well documented or supported any more), the only option is to get the sysex data into a MIDI part somehow, and play it back to the synth at the start of the arrangement.

If you have some means to send a patch at them moment (e.g. from a hardware device, or from a standalone editor) you could capture it by recording sysex into Cubase. Alternately you might be able to use something like MIDI-OX to capture it to a file, and you could then import that MIDI file into a Cubase track to create the MIDI part with the patch.

Thanks for your suggestions. As you see in the attached screenshot, the MKS-7 device panel doesn’t allow to store your own patches :unamused:

In that case, connect a MIDI out to a MIDI in on your Cubase machine, set a MIDI track to record and send the patch from the MKS-7 panel. Then you can create a MIDI part from that, and send it at the start of each track. You could build up a collection of such tracks, saving them as MIDI files that you can import into future projects.

Thanks! I will try :wink: