How to manage transitions when using the arranger?


I am creating an arranger chain out of my clips. The arranger plays them as expected, following the sequence, however, I’d like to know which is the best technique you suggest, to add transitions between each arranger event. Also, for instance, how to add a reverse cymbal after the first repetition of an arranger event? Things like that.

Do you rather suggest flattening the arranger chain with no transition, and only after, adding the transitions where needed in the flattened sequence?

While I’m still experimenting with arrangement, I just put up with any rough transitions. No sense in spending much time if it’s just gonna change again.

Once I’m happy with this version of the arrangement, I flatten into a new project, but don’t make new clips… That way I can extend the heads and tails of any clips that transition poorly. If anything goes wrong, can always go back to original CPR
This would be when I’d add any new stuff, like your reverse cymbal.

Same as enjneer. I don’t do anything until I flatten. I always try to remember to save before I flatten and create a new CPR. (Save As) I never flatten without doing this as you lose your History when you close the project and you won’t be able to get the arranger back in the same state.

I usually record a number of versions of the same clip so that when I flatten I do not have to use the same one each time that part of the arrangement repeats. The it is time to smooth out the transitions. I make sure that the crossing point icon is on. I then lengthen or shorten the clips etc.

Actually the more you experiment with the arranger the more likely you will find your own method out of the madness.

Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile: