How to map a DEDICATED controller to ValhallaDSP plugins

Maybe I’m overlooking something, or what I want is not possible, But I’ve got 2 FX tracks setup with ValhallaDSP Plateverb and Delay.
I want to map these to a DEDICATED controller, with this I mean a USB controller, mapping all the knobs via CC’s, but keeping these hardwired to these 2 plugins. So not losing control when losing focus, not needing to have the plugs open, but always have the feedback and size and low/high cut working, no matter where I’m at in Cubase.
How do I do this?!? I can not select any midi inputs in the remote control editor?

Is this possible?


Yes, this is possible. Use Generic Remote Device from Devices > Device Setup, where you can assign any HW Controller to the dedicated virtual Controller.

ThnX And then it keeps locked to the plugin, even without it being in focus?


Yes, if you set it so. You can always use the “relative” way, like “on Selected Track”, or the “absolute” (lock) way, like “Track Nr. X”.

It’s not working?

I went to Devices > Device setup > Remote Devices > VST Quick Controls

I’ve mapped my QC’s 1-8, valeted this by pushing the learn mode and the address jumps towards the controller value.
Then I went to the ValhallaPlate FX channel
enabled quick controls
in Quick control 1 I selected: Ins > 1 > Valhallaplate_x64 > Mix (wet/dry)
now turning the knob with QC1 assigned on the controller does nothing?!?

What am I doing wrong here?

Just did the same as above with the TRACK quick controls and this works.
But now this means i need to have the track selected as the active track

How can i do the same with quick controls, so it’s tied to a plugin rather than a track?


No, I’m not talking about Quick Controls, but the Generic Remote Device. Open Devices > Device Setup, and click to the + button to Add a new Device. Select Generic Remote from he list, please.

Ok and what are the next steps then?
How do i tie it to the Valhalla plugin?


Please read the manual or search for the Generic Remote Device here on the forum. It has been described many times already here.


ThnX, I got it now, it needs to be defined as “VST Mixer” and then I could just work through the tree.
Works now.