How to map VSL matrix to Cubase expression map

Hi I am trying to map Vienna Solo Strings 1 to a Cubase 9.5 Expression Map. I used the expression map (VSL_Strings_Expressionmaps_v.1.11) posted by VSL. When I imported this map into Cubase, I got some strange results. Legato came out mapped to staccato articulations, non-legato to staccato and pizz to harmonics. (See attached screen shots of my Cubase Expression Map setup and Vienna Instruments matrix setup).

I can partly fix this by making my own expression map in Cubase with articulations mapped correctly, but there is a bigger problem. I can’t figure out how to map the Y-Axis articulations in the VLS matrix to a Cubase Expression Map. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

There is no correspondence at all between the expression map keys CC’s and the VSL articulation selection in the images you provide.
Have you loaded the VSL preset for which the expression map was made ?
In general selection of an articulation requires the expression map to first select the right matrix (note, as far as I have seen, and it is not the remote note) , next, second, something for the x-axis (note, CC), and third something for the y axis (note, CC),

Hi Gerard,
Thanks for your reply. You are right, there is no correspondence between the expression map keys CC"S and the VSL articulation selection in the images I provided. This is because the Vienna expression maps provided by Steinberg are out of date and no longer apply. I was able to make my own expression maps that work with Vienna’s current matrices. And I was able to figure out how to set up expression maps to work with more than one matrix by creating three output mappings that correspond to: note keyswitches (X), controller messages (Y) and matrix change keyswitches. See attached.

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