How to Match Flow Formats 3.5 Pro

I want to make the Engraving format from Flow 2 as a master for the whole project. Can anyone give me steps taking a page number
and making it a Master for all pages except first page?
Thank you.

Attached - Page 14 from Flow 2 It Happened! (The page I want to use as a Master)
Page 8 from Flow 1 Told You So (The page as an example of what I want to match page 14)

MacOS Mojave

You can’t turn a layout page into a master page. What you can do is create a new master page, and copy the exact information regarding frames and other layout items into it.

Layout Options > Vertical Spacing and Layout Options > Page Setup are your friends for getting Dorico to put two systems on each page, automatically.
Once you’ve done that, there’s a Copy Staff Spacing function at Engrave > Staff Spacing > Copy Staff Spacing (but generally you won’t need to, because you’ll have told Dorico how to automate it, and it will automatically make space where necessary for things like dynamics and notes outside the staff).

More suggestions welcome. I have changed and set as Default the vertical spacing used in FLow 2 in Layout Options and it doesn’t change FLow 1.

Every single one of the pages shown in your screenshots has an override in Engrave mode. Can you say what you’ve been doing to each page that has required an override on every single page?

Thank you, Daniel, I have no idea what I did. I do not know what an “override” is in Dorico at all.
So sorry. I’ve been having good luck following the Groove3 videos on Dorico for Beginners, but
the videos were made prior to 3 and I’m now on 3.5. Many thanks for your assistance.

An override occurs any time you make a change in the layout of the page that causes it to deviate from the master page format. An example would be alter or adding frames, or altering the content inside them (like text tokens).

I’m assuming you tried to manually change the page header, though that’s just a guess.

Or any of the other examples listed here:

Thanks for the override comment, Daniel, it lead me down a good path towards comprehension.