How to merge 2 MIDI tracks?

Hello guys.

I recorded a soundtrack with digital piano in dual voice (that is, two mixed sounds making exactly the same notes) and when opening the song in Cubase, it shows two separate tracks.

I would like to make small edits, but without having to edit those voices separately. What would be the easiest way to put both together in Cubase Elements 9?

Sorry if the question is stupid, it’s that I’m a complete NOOB in DAWs, just trying to take my first steps. :unamused:

Not a stupid question because I’m asking it also. I think I’ve found a way to do this.
Create a new MIDI track.
Highlight first track and use the Alt key to drag a copy onto the new track.
Highlight second track and use the Alt key to draw a copy onto the same new track.
You should now have two Lanes in the new track, which can be seen by clicking the “Show Lanes” icon for the track.
Now on the MIDI menu choose “Bounce MIDI”.
This will join the two lanes together.

I use this to put the melody - scattered over multiple tracks - into one track for an easy to follow score.

Regards, Richard.