How to merge instruments from different flows

I imported two xml documents into one Dorico 3 document, as two flows.

The instruments in both xml were the same. However, some of the instruments got imported in the 2nd import as ADDITIONAL instruments.

For instance, I now have Player Oboe 1 with instrument Oboe 1 and Player Oboe 2 with instrument Oboe 2 in flow 1.
But for Flow 2 the two oboes have become Oboe 3 and Oboe 4, instead of Oboe 1 and 2. So now I have 4 Oboes in a piece with 2! (Ditto several other instruments, but not all! Some were fine!)

It might have to do with some renaming of the instruments/players after importing the first flow.

All this were not a problem if I somehow could merge two instruments. Just say: Oboe 1 and Oboe 3 are the same. No note merging needs to be done, they are in different flows.

Is that possible?

Hi Roemer, welcome to the forum.

In Flow 2, I would copy the contents of Oboe 3 into Oboe 1 and Oboe 4 into Oboe 2. Once copied, I would then delete Oboe 3 and 4.

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