How to merge midi channels?

I have incoming midi on 16 channels simultaneously and I want to take all the signals from all channels and route them to be sent on one midi channel which I will then route to a VSTi.
How can I make this midi transformation? I specifically want every midi signal to be on one single midi channel before routing it to the softsynth.
Can this be done in the Logical Editor? I have no idea how.


You don’t really need to do anything at all!..
Just set the record-enabled MIDI track to the MIDI channel of your choice, and all the incoming MIDI data will be retransmitted on that channel (even though it does indeed get recorded with the original MIDI channels).
But, if you insist :stuck_out_tongue:
Use the Input Transformer for that MIDI track (the “crooked arrow” icon near the top-right of the Inspector)…
Switch on the current module, then…
Upper Section…
Type Is___All Types___(ignore parameters 1 and 2)

Lower Section…
Channel__Set to fixed value___(parameter #1) channel number of your choice

Function = “Transform”.

If you want to transform already-recorded MIDI data in a similar fashion, then indeed the Logical Editor can be set up in pretty much the same way :wink:.

Thanks so much, that was precisely what I needed to know!