How to merge three flows into one

I have a set of 3 short songs that I started to layout each on it own flow. Problem is that all 3 songs are actually performed without stopping in-between each. I’m trying to figure out how to reflect that in the score, like I did in my original handwritten score of the pieces.
Any ideas?

It depends on what you want to display exactly. You can go to Layout Options–Page Setup–Flows, and allow new flows on same page.

If you want to truly combine the music so there’s no break at all, easiest solution is to select everything in Flow 2 (Cmd-A) and copy-paste it into the end of Flow 1, then rinse and repeat.

You can use “attacca” between the flows. For playback, make sure you set the Playback options so that there is 0s between flows. Or copy-paste flows 2 and 3 at the end of flow one. Hope it helps !
Sort of ninja’d by Dan, but two different approaches :wink:

Thank you. Both make sense and I’ll try them.