How to MIDI-export one piece, several flows?

I have a long piece broken into several flows. The flows aren’t meant to be movements; they’re just subdivisions for organizational convenience.

I’d like to bring everything into Logic, but exporting to MIDI causes some problems. For one thing, each flow is exported as a separate MIDI file. While I can drag and drop the MIDI files into one Logic project, this discards all the MIDI tempo and marker information. If I open a MIDI file in Logic, that info is preserved - but that only works on a single MIDI file.

Is there an efficient way to export all flows into one long MIDI file? Or to easily merge all flows into one mega-flow?



Dorico doesn’t have a specific feature for combining flows, but the following should work:

  1. Navigate to the last flow. Select All using the System Track - the System Track is important here.
  2. Copy
  3. Select the final barline of the previous flow.
  4. Paste
  5. Rinse and repeat.