How to migrate (set up) existing Cubase on a new computer

I am using Cubase LE AI Elements 9. Recently, I procured a new PC with better processing power. I want to know if there is a way to migrate Cubase to the new PC. I do NOT have original media. Instead, we did an online download ofthe application. Also, since then, I’ve bought updates to get to LE AI 9.

Can anyone suggest steps to migrate Cubase to the new PC?

I’m assuming you’re not using a USB eLicenser so therefore you’ll need to reactivate the software on your new PC via your MySteinberg account (pretty straightforward from the account window, but come back if you get stuck).

You’ll also probably want to copy across your preferences files, see below for location:

Songs will also (presumably) need to be copied across. They don’t have to be copied to exactly the same location as on your old PC but you’ll get fewer dialog boxes to click if they are.

It’s a relatively straight forward operation but do come back if you get stuck.

Hi there
After much struggle I seem to have managed to reactivate Cubase on a new PC. However the Halion Sonic and Groove Agent instruments appear to have disappeared which is a bit disconcerting. Can anyone help please.



Are these the SE versions? If so they should be included withe the Elements installer. You may need to download and/or run it again.

If they are standalone versions of the software then you’ll need to download the full installers for each.

Yes they are the SE versions that came with Elements 8.

I downloaded Elements from My Steinberg account downloads section (which came as an Installer WinZip folder). Do I need to uninstall and try again?

You shouldn’t need to uninstall, no. Just try running the install again, it should either come up with an option to repair existing or else use the custom install and it should list the components that are currently not installed.

Hi, i have the same issue migrating Cubase LE from old PC to new one. I have downloaded the new eLicenser tool in the new PC but it doesn’t give me the new eLicenser number. I guess this number is needed for the ‘reactivation process’. I am stuck. any help would be useful.