How to Mix down or Export Stems (not individual tracks) with ALL effects in Nuendo

I’d like to take a Nuendo session, no matter how complex, and output each stem (group of related tracks) through whatever Bus, Aux and Master out effects they pass through, so that when I mix all these Stem tracks together with NO EFFECTS on any channels, it sounds exactly the same as my original mix. Is this doable?

Technically: yes.

In practice, this goal might be difficult or even impossible to achieve, depending on the effects you use. As soon as many non-linear and/or time-varying processes are in play, or if you use dynamic processors without external side-chain inputs in Groups and/or the Master Bus, it will be increasingly difficult for the summed stems to sound exactly the same as your actual mix.

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But yes…you can do that. It is all in the Audio Mixdown Window. This is common practice for people mixing long format with Nuendo.

Well - that’s indeed the tool that will allow to do it technically, like I wrote above. :slight_smile:

It does not solve the issues caused by a bus compressor or tape saturator etc. on the master bus, as their non-linear, dynamic behaviour and performance depend entirely on the input signal. And we’re not even talking about free-running modulation effects and so on …


Understood but most long form mixers will already have separate compressors etc. for each group so the sum will actually be equal to the Full Mix.

So the answer is Technically: No!!! Given that these days, many (i.e. more and more) plugins have “non-linear and/or time-varying processes”, "dynamic processors without external side-chain inputs in Groups and/or the Master Bus"and “free-running modulation effects”, my goal of having all stems rendered with their effects being EQUAL to the original full mix, will become less and less achievable?

I wish there was a way to create virtual groups of channels (like soloing them) and save each virtual group and then batch export through all associated busses.

My work around is to copy the whole timeline to as many stems you need. Create cycle markers and mute/unmute tracks needed for each stem. Batch export, done. It’s pretty fast but quite inflexible if you need to change the mix…

You still don’t get all the non-linear summing effects but there are ways around some of them. Setting up masterbus compressors with side chains from full mix down renders is one way. Having solo defeated ducking channels sending to side chain of compressors is another. Clipping/saturation is harder, it would create audible bleed between stems even if you could set it up because of the way distorsion works.

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If this is for post production then arguably there isn’t really a need to process the “master” output. As Wheels pointed out the bus processing is on the groups that make up the stems which in turn sum to the full mix.

If this is music the answer is basically the same, with the exception of I suppose using side chains to trigger dynamic processing.