How to Mixdown to Wav file for sharing

I am New to Cubase and trying to create a wav of the tracks in one file to share with the players, however every time i follow the instructions of file/Export/ I can only select a single or multiple tracks, in which case the multiple tracks create individual waves for each track, rather than one mix down of the project.

Hi and welcome,

If you want to export track by track, enable Export Multiple Channels option in the Export Audio Mixdown dialog, as it is described here. Be aware, this feature is Cubase Pro only.

If you want a single file, select just the stereo out track for mixdown.

Thank you both. I had no problem with downloading the individual tracks - trying to get to a single mixed down wav file for sharing as we go thru mix. i will give the stereo out a go.

There is no stereo out option in export, so does this mean i need to create a stereo out track to export or should i see that that exists already somewhere?


Stereo Out is the default Stereo Bus. Maybe it has a different name on your side. Open Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs. Here you can double check it.