How to modify meter color scheme?

(I left a link at the bottom for an example of what I’m talking about)

First off, I understand how to access the color parameters for the meters, for example, and other aspects… under File> Preferences and under the “Appearence” heading> Meters. However, when I bring up the “Meter” parameter dialog-box, I see a display that shows a meter on the left, and a color wheel to the right. Now, to the immediate right of the meter (along its edge) there are two arrows that you can drag up and down vertically. My question is this, how do you create more arrows? If you check out the Youtube link below (which relates to mofiying cubase’s color scheme) you can see that the dude’s Appearence-Meter dialog-box has like 4 arrows…??
As I said, by default, my dialog-box only shows two arrows… there must be someway to add more…

Obviously I could try to contact that dude; however, I fugured it might be quicker to post an inquiry on this forum.

Thanks to those who reply!


It should’ve been assumed that I tried clicking in the area of the meter arrows with/without holding ctrl and Alt. for example; but I didn’t seem to click in the appropriate area to yiald any new arrows. However, I did just figure it out. If you want to delete an arrow just Ctrl + click on any given arrow, and if you want to add a new arrow, just alt + click along the right edge of the meter display!!