How to modify "track delay in millisecond" of many tracks at once?


Is it possible to modify the "track delay in millisecond" of many tracks at once?

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Holding down Shift+Alt on multiple selected tracks (aka Quick Link) doesn’t work for this particular parameter, at least not on my installation. So, I guess no, you can’t.

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Thanks for the tip!

I just tried and you’re right, you can indeed modify the volume and panning but not the track delay unfortunately :confused:

Is there a solution to this?

… very useful if working with outboard and wanting to align numerous send/return tracks with the projects.

I don’t think there is yet. I very much hope they make this possible - and make it possible to address via the project logical editor. For me the use case is orchestral programming, as it stands it’s an absolute pain in the neck to enter articulation offsets one track at a time.

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