How to modulate octave pitch

I can’t find a way how to modulate the octave pitch with a LFO (on the Pitch section for synth, sample, grain, and wavetable zones). The octave pitch is not in the list of modulate destination in the section of modulation matrix. Am I wrong?
Any hints are very much appreciated.

As far as I understand, the controls

are modulated together by the “Pitch” parameter.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I saw this, but how can I modulate exactly to the maximum depth of 1 octave?

As an example I’ll take the preset “3 osc lead”
I set the LFO3 as follows:

Then I set the mod matrix like this:
The pitch value 12 (semitone steps) is important!

Now the sound is transposed by exactly one octave every 1 second.

Thank you very much!!