How to monitor Performer with Reverb in VST Connect?

How can I listen to the performer’s vocals being sent to me in VST Connect with a reverb fx? Not to record it with obviously, just to hear it a little less dry. I looked but don’t see any effects sends. I didn’t see any mention of this at any of the videos. I can give the artist reverb on her end but not on mine.

Thanks in advance.

You can apply fx inserts on the Performer side. You can then decide via the fx buttons in your RECORD section if or not you want to hear and record those effects.
The reverb, comp, and eq effects built into the Performer app are only available for the Performer for monitoring and cannot be recorded. Also, because of the inherent delay, you cannot apply fx to the received Performer signal while recording, only when playing back. There is the possibility to insert an fx plugin after the VST Connect Monitor plugin, but that would be applied to the entire mix which is probably not what you want, sorry.

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Hello. Is that really this way? I still haven’t tested VST Connect and hope I’ll be able soon, but was watching some videos and manual and in the section about Effects (referring to Reverb/Comp/Eq/Inserts) stands

As explained before, the Performer application features built-in effects for the artists’ monitoring. These can be recorded in Cubase / Nuendo, or, when fx record is off, are only audible by the artist. As with all other Monitor mixer controls, they can be accessed by both the artist and the engineer remotely.

The latter is misleading. You can add insert fx plugins in Performer channels and those can be recorded. The built in reverb, eq, and compressor however cannot be recorded. That said, you may add reverb, eq, and compression plugins and record those, but not the built-in ones which are only for improving Performer monitoring. Sorry for the confusion.

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Thank you for your clarification. I think the text in manual should be edited, to avoid confusion, as the text is referring to all effects and not only inserts.

That said, not being able to record the reverb/eq/comp is actually not a big deal for me, as I don’t like to print monitoring effects and prefer to apply reverb/eq/comp later, in the mixing stage, if needed.

Thats cool, because I always record vocals with a 3:1 compression ratio. Hardware compressors in the old days and software ones nowadays. I didn’t know I could put a compressor plugin inline

For the future, perhaps there could be a “send” added to “performer monitor” that could be sent to a reverb plugin and not recorded. Just for myself to monitor the way I like to hear vocals when recording.

But that is exactly what the build in reverb does. It affects all channels and you can set the amount of send individually in the VST Performer monitor mixer.

correct. You can also use Inserts for Performer channels. If the „FX“ button in the RECORDING section of the Vst Connect plugin is not activated on the according channel, that insert effect will be audible to the Performer only and not be recorded.

The performer end has this option already. I was referring to the return monitor of the performer’s tracks. I can adjust this level on my end, but it would be nice to be able to listen to it not dry, but obviously not record the fx.

You can apply sends or inserts to the recorded Performer tracks like any other audio track for playback. Fx on the Studio side while recording are not possible. If you record single channels (HD recording) with the PRO version, you can apply inserts on the Performer end for listening (these will be recorded with the compressed stereo stream though) and switch off the according FX buttons, then those single channel HD recordings will be dry when you retreive them via “Get HD”. That would be the only option I could think of by now, sorry.

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