How to monitor through multiple chains?

I would like to monitor one mix through 3 different chains for my mastering stage.
How´s people doing it here? Using reference tracks doesnt seem to work for me since i need to add 3 times the same mix, use the clip inserts but i loose the output clippers /limiters/processin that i mostly use for referencing before printing.
Using 3 audio tracks with the mix might work :smiley:
There is no buses in WB so using one audio track to send it to 3 buses is not an option.

FWIW, putting the unmastered file on Reference Track allows you to send the audio to multiple DACs simultaneously so there is only one source track to manage, and monitoring through and eventually recording back an Audio Montage track allows you to seamlessly toggle between different ADC paths so you can decide which path is best before recording back in.

I can post screenshots if this might help you.

Hi Justin, thanks for reply.
I dont want to send to multiple DACs, i want it internally, plugins chains only.
I guess the best way is using 3 different tracks with same mix .
This is actually for post processing a sample pack library im working on. having same mix with 3 different processing chains.

Oh, sorry I misunderstood.

I don’t know that anyone is doing what you’re asking doing since WaveLab has no bussing as you noted.

Maybe there is a way, but nothing I can think of at the moment.