How to move a bunch of clips in an audio montage

HI all

Just getting used to Wavelab 7 after upgrading from 4. Lots of changes. Seems really great.

So I am working with an audio montage that has two 2 stereo channels. The files overlap each other a bit on purpose.

I am needing to move bunches of clips back and forth a bit and I can’t see how to do this.

In fact, I cant see how to move a clip in the montage main window without deleting it and re-adding it.

Any help would be appreciated.


To move bunches of clips there are two specific buttons that allow you to move those in a single track, or in multiple tracks at the same time (there’s a small arrow at the bottom of the icons and a vertical line dividing little squares).

Instead of deleting a clip and reloading it, just drag it holding the click (or, if you want to shorten it grab the edge and resize it)!

This works in the same track, or to move a clip in “vertical” from track to track.

Hope this helps

Thanks Markino,

Thanks for the two tips.

Seems like the top method for several clips at the same time has a few different options. Some that move only clips that are next to each other and others that move all the clops.

I’m off to the races.

This is a perfect example of why there needs to be a manual. How could someone who has never done this before find out how to do this procedure with just the help section?

Couldn’t agree more.


I must agree as well. I did search with the help tool and read sections on audio montage without any luck.
Wavelab 4 had a manual and a pretty good one too!

Do check over the next week or two. They usually have something good. :wink:

That is a paid service. We should get a hard copy manual with a program as expensive and robust as Wavelab.

As far as I know, Steinberg aren’t connected with VTC so it’s fair to assume VTC would charge. It’s a similar model to and Adobe I suppose.