How to move all music one beat earlier..?

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to move all the music on the score one beat earlier.

If i cut the music without the leading rest at the start of the bar, then delete the leading rest, and then paste the music, it keeps putting a rest at the front.

Can anybody help, please.


ALT/Option + Left Arrow with the caret on the note immediately to the right of where you want to delete.

You may have to do it as many times as there are crotchets/quavers in the bar(s) you want to remove.

It also pays to go slowly so as not to ‘overshoot’.

Good luck!

You should be able to do it with cut and paste with no problems, too: select the music, excluding the leading rest, then select the leading rest (no need to delete it) and paste. The leading rest should be overwritten by the first note of the music from the clipboard.