How to move bars to previous page?

Hello, as you can see in the screenshot I have only one line of music on page 4 and the rest on the following one. How can I move all music of page 5 to page 4? Thanks.

You’ve got a Frame Break at the top of page 5. Delete it.

(Also, why is there a Bracket and Barline Change?)

I selected all notes on page 5 and clicked on the delete button. But now I have my very last bar going to page 5! How annoying! How can I make that bar smaller? Screenshot attached. Thanks.

You have added System Breaks, which you should also delete.

What exactly is “System Break”? I have it in many different places and I don’t recall having put that anywhere. Thanks.

The pink signposts marked “System Break”. It looks like you have forced bars 101 to 105 to be on one system, even though it is too full (115.7%).

Select both System breaks, and delete them. You may find that a few bars spill over to page 5. In that case, I would go to Layout Options > Note Spacing, and reduce the “Default space for quarter note” by clicking on the down arrow once.

Have a look at the result. Maybe try it again, reducing the space value by another click.

See which value gives you the best result. Then you may need to add system breaks after that.


I only deleted the last system break, and I ended up with the result here attached. I’m happy with it.

The notes in the last system are too close together: almost touching. The previous two systems are much lighter in comparison.

Try deleting the remaining System Break, and see if Dorico balances everything better.

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