how to move controller data (sustain-pedal)?

hi all,
is it possible to move data of the sustain-pedal (controller 64) together with the associated note-events (within the same part) ?
the background is:
sometimes i want to move a piano phrase (with sustain-pedal) to a new location within the same part just a few ticks or maybe half a measure away from the old location and of course i want to have the pedal-data shifted accordingly.
thanks for any suggestions how to archieve this!
(cubase studio 5.5.3/PC)

There’s a Pref called Automation Follows Events, or such.

Are you doing this from the Project window, or inside the MIDI Key Editor?
If the latter, just make sure that the CC#64 lane is visible, select the note in question, and also the start and end points of the associated sustain down and up events, then drag the note. The selected CC# events will move also.

a variant for selecting…
Set Left and Right locators to encompass the desired range, then use the Edit menu>Select>“In Loop” (or use its key command).

dude, thank you so much for posting this answer!