How to move entire sections will ALL automation.

I hope I’m missing something, but is there a simple way to select portions of your entire project and move everything in that section (all automation, including automation that isn’t tied to events on channels like Sends and Groups)? Yes, I know that automation tied to events works for tracks with events, but sometimes a track doesn’t have events on it for certain reasons (i.e. you deleted the part but you still want to move the existing automation on it), and again: Sends, Groups, and Master faders have no events that they correspond to.

The only way I know of is to “Show All Automation”. The problem is that it’s an extra step that I’m hoping is not necessary, and in addition to that, when you “Hide All Automation” afterwards, all the Groups and Sends and Instrument tracks with more than one output get hidden for some reason, so you have to go and re-expand all of those sections, which in a 500 channel-plus scoring session (with tons of automation) can take a while.

As far as I know you need to use a macro+PLE preset to do exactly that. (hide automation, but show FX, Group and VCA folders)

There are various approaches, e.g., depending on if you have your group tracks inside folders (it seems like you would, from what you’re saying).

One approach would be a macro containing the Hide Automation command, followed by the PLE preset that would reopen the folders of the FX, VCA and Group tracks. (instantaneously of course)

While putting it together is bit of a business, you end up with one keystroke to display, and one keystroke to hide automation, but leaving the foldered tracks open.

OK cool, thanks. I’ll give that a shot.

It would be great to have a feature that would move everything at once without additional keystrokes, etc. – hopefully that will come in a future update.

The arranger track is nice for this job as well!

Thanks for this suggestion. The problem with this for the arranger track is that it’s not editable as being linear until you flatten it. On a film or TV score, the arranger track (for me, anyway) is not useful like it is for simpler arrangements like songs because a score can have tons and tons of different sections in the arranger track that you constantly need to shift time-wise, move around (in a linear fashion so you can see exactly what you’re doing on the timeline as you’re doing it), and edit. It’s not good for scoring in my experience since the sections aren’t freely moveable on the actual timeline like you would need for scoring (i.e. move a section forward by 15 frames).

I see, in this case Steve’s suggestion is more fluent.

For my needs I’ve setup some macros including selfmade PLE commands. One is ‘view all’ that shows me the complete project with all automation collapsed, all folders open but one called ‘edits’. The name ‘edits’ has to be in a PLE command to have it work and of course I always have to call that folder ‘edits’ and nothing else. Should be possible to add a command that re-opens multiout VSTi tracks after ‘hide automation’ which collapses folders incl. VSTi.

Can be tricky to define the proper conditions for something in PLE but anything I wanted from it has worked after some trial-and-error. While all in all the logical editor seems to be more logical than my head wants to be :laughing: