How to move flow to next page manually

I am wanting flows to be able to share the same page. However on this page, I need the third flow to start on the next page. Note, I am also using condensing. How do I force that flow to start on the next page?

Putting in a frame break messes up the formatting of the flow titles for some reason:

Trying to manually move the music frame up to force the flow to move to the next page also does something weird with the flow title:

It looks like you’ve manually adjusted the Flow Headings. You need to remove the page overrides from page 6, then it will look fine.

The first picture is with page overrides removed. The only change I made to Flow headings is I got rid of @FlowNumber@.

OK, so now add the Frame Break. I do this all the time.

If you want to remove the number from Flow Headings, then edit the Flow Heading Template itself.


Ah, now it’s working. Yes, I think I tried to do the frame break before removing the overrides first. Thanks!

Yes, the flow heading template is where I made that change. Thanks for your help!

If I may, now that I have that working, I’m noticing that the main title shows up if a flow starts a page-even in the middle of the piece. How do I keep that from showing up. IE, I don’t want it to say “Skokianna” on page 7.

Layout options,
Flows>Use “first” page template. Select “First flow only”.

Thank you!