How to move key commands from one mac to another?

I just bough a new macbook Pro and installed Cubase 6.5 on there.

I noticed I cant drag my preferences over but it would be nice to get the key commands over.

I saved a file with my name but I cant find that file anywhere.

I tried right clicking on the cubase app in the finder, show package contents and in there I can see a key commands folder. However the file I created is not in there. Can anyone please help me?


~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 6/Presets/KeyCommands

Amazing mate!!
Thanks a lot. Spotlight search didnt find that file!

You wouldnt know if there’s a way to get all your DAW settings over as well?

Well, you could try copying the entire preferences folder over. But I’m not sure if that’s recommended. Might need someone else to add their 2 cents.

No worries, I just did it by memory. I will have probably forgot a few but no big deal. The key commands would have been impossible.

So the other night night I sat down and changed a bunch of key commands on my macbook. Now I’m back home and want to to copy them to cubase on my home computer (iMac), but I can’t find the file I saved to copy it over. Ive gone in the preferences where the key commands are but “my setup” which I created isn’t there, just the factory ones. If I open cubase and go into the key commands I can open them tho and they work as I changed them. Haven’t used Cubase for a few years so don’t know if Im just missing a step somewhere. Also, Im still using the demo of 6.5. Thanks


Which Mac OS? (in OSX 10.7 and later, the User Library is hidden, by default).

Im on 10.8.2 I thought when you go to the show package contents you get the hidden files. Im still pretty new to mac

That is true, but the Cubase 6 Preference folder is in your User Account Library/Preferences folder. (For comparison… on Mac, the Preferences folder corresponds with the Windows Application Data folder, whereas the Package Contents corresponds with Windows Cubase 6 Program folder).

Ok that makes sense. I must be doing something wrong then cause when I go to my library, theres nothing cubase related in the preference folder. So right now Im going HD/Library/Preferences Ive attached a screenshot.
Screen Shot 2012-09-27 at 6.47.19 PM.jpg

No, that is the Global Library.
You have to make your User Account visible (this was never a problem before OS X 10.7)…

(Copied from…

Hold option while clicking the Go menu in the Finder to see the Library item in the menu> , or paste the following command into the Terminal to make it become visible again: chflags nohidden ~/Library

Awesome it worked! Thank you so much for your help, I was thinking something completely different! :mrgreen: