How to move Locators LR together?

Hi guys. Sorry if the question was asked before. How can I move locators to cursor not changing the length of locators so that L be right on cursor? Simple thing but I’m stuck. I mean shortcut of course, not by mouse)

I’d simply look at the TC of the cursor and write it exacly the same in the infoline under range start. Dunnó if there’s a shortcut for this…

I think locators are just not meant to do that. You can do a workaround that can be packed into a macro. Like: on empty track make Part between Locators. Slip that Part to curser. Set Locators to start and end of Part.


Thank you, guys! Oswald, great idea but there’s another problem: I can’t find command to make part between locators and I don’t think it exists. The main task was to do everything automatically by shortcut (command, macros, PLE preset). Maybe you know how to solve it?

I do think it is perfectly possible.
I suggest to use a cycle marker.
Perhaps Name in a special way so you can create a PLE to select it. Or create and delete it every time.
You can even create elaborate multi stage store/restore/reset functionality using PLEs and macros. But it is a bit of work.

Something like this, you probably have to use a external macro engine as Nuendo has a limit of two PLEs in a macro.

Create cycle marker
Select cycle marker marching cycle
Move/nudge (decide by how much) or cut the selected marker
Paste at cursor
Locators to selection
Delete marker matching cycle

I just made it up in my head so. Some commands are named differently and some steps will have to be added or moved in sequence to do what you want. But you need to figure out what you want the program to do.
So yes I think it can be done.
Is it worth it for you to spend the time to do that instead of learning to live with the regular functionality of the program? Probably not :slight_smile:

It all depends on what you want to achieve.
Is it in a musical context or not?

Do you want them to be four bars in length and adjust it 1-2-3 bars earlier or later?

Do you want it to help dealing with sound asset handling for a game?

Many different needs. Many different ways.

Hi ErikG! Thanks for spending your time for giving me fresh ideas! I thought about cycle marker, but ran into trouble on making it with special name automatically with no popup window.
If you’re interested what it’s all about I can tell that I
work in post production (so my grid is set on frames) and now I’m making a template in lemur environment for copy-paste-delete automation of selected events and tracks by selecting of what particular automation tracks I want to copy-delete, for example I want to copy or delete only volume and pan of some events that have volume, pan, eq and sends automation. Of course I can do it manually, but if the amount of the events is pretty big and on different tracks it seems to be very tedious work for my laziness)
Now I can copy-paste numerous events with automation only I selected by three taps on ipad. But it’s not so easy with tracks.
The question of this topic is specific part of pasting all copied automation data and deleting unwanted automation on THE SAME REGION as copied one. The only way I found is coping all automation and deleting unwanted then, selecting one by one in PLE is impossible, and making all of presets that contains all variations and combinations of desired automation tracks will take my whole life. I’m not sure if it makes sense to you cause I explain badly.
But you bump me and I’ll try some more, thanks !

I can’t find command to make part between locators and I don’t think it exists. The main task was to do everything automatically by shortcut (command, macros, PLE preset). Maybe you know how to solve it?

You could start with having a Part long enough for all cases in the copy buffer.
Go to Left Locator - Past - Go to Right Locator - Cut end …


As a Fellow post user I can’t understand what or why you are trying to do.
If you try again an maybe decide it up into different parts explaining why an what you are trying to achieve I may be able to help you in some way.

Sorry for my English ErikG, I’m confused ( I just can’t explain it by other words. Never mind, I’ve got some good ideas from all of you guys, thanks a lot! You’ve helped me to go on.

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I second making a cycle marker. Just move the marker to the new spot and use the command “P” or “Locators to Selection.” You could create a second marker track and just have this cycle marker on it to keep things organized.

Thanks Neil K!
I’ve come to the same, a cycle marker is the most obvious solution! A second separate marker track! Great)