How to move move up all content when increasing the size of a midi part

Here I have a midi track (TB4: see in the image) with a small part in it that I want to make longer but I would like all the other content to move up to make space for it. I could move up everything manually by selecting everything and moving it up but if possible, is there a way to just enlarge the midi part and move up all the other parts to make space for it?

Here’s two ways

Change the Arrow Tool option to Sizing Moves Content


Or if it was just a one-off edit and you’d rather not change the Tool’s Option - move the MIDI Part so the notes are where you want them. Then grab the lower left corner of the Part and drag it left to increase the Part’s size - you can increase the size at both the beginning & the end.

THank you but that is not what I wanted to do. “Sizing moves contents” moves the midi in the midi part, it does not move everything on the other tracks to accomodate the new length of the midi part. Let me explain another way. Look at my markers. Lets say marker 1 is the intro to my song and marker 2 is the 1st verse and I want to increase the length of my intro. Marker two will have to move up to accomodate the new length of the intro as will all the other tracks that may have recorded events or midi parts. It would be ideal if you could do this by increasing the length of the the midi part so everything (on that track and other tracks ) would move up to make space for it.

Insert Silence?

Edit: Put the locators so that they define the extra space you want.

Thank you. Well that works too I guess, except my signature event didn’t move up along with the other parts. Do you know why?

Edit: Put the locators so that they define the extra space you want.

Yes but I can’t make use of the info line that way. Lets say I want an extra bar of space, I would have to zoom in to see what a bar is and then set my locators and insert the silence. I thought it could be easier because when you select a part it shows you the bar length in the info line and you could just extend from 8 to 9 bars to give you the precise length you need but ok if that is the way cubase has it set up then that I will have to do it that way. Maybe might be a nice thing to have in the future?

Maybe I’m not getting it entirely, but isn’t it the same thing? Select part. Press P. Press Ctrl Shift E. Now everything is shifted to the right, leaving you with as much “new space” as the intial part was.

If you want even more space, you can adjust the right locator before giving the Insert silence command.

Distance between locators = how many measures the silence will be.

Left Locator = Where the new silent bars will start.

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@ggmanestraki 's solution should do what you’re asking for. And to further expand, you can string these separate commands together in a macro and assign to a keyboard shortcut.

It does work but no it is not the same, the info line doesn’t tell you how many bars your locators are set for… yes you can zoom in and check but no it is not the same, an extra step to figure out the right range is not the same as what the info line tells you when you drag a midi part but ok I can’t expect perfection and I will work with how it works. Thanks

EDIT: I just tried and I think the best way for me is to use the range selection tool to first select the range and that does tell me the bars, then set my locators and then insert silence… It would be easier to just drag the midi part longer until I get the right amount of bars but I’m splitting hairs. this will be fine for me, thank you

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