How to Move One Long Data Track into Many Parts


Suppose I have a source track with 200 measures of MIDI data on it. This source track data is in a single part with a single name. Alternatively it could be Alt-Scissored into multiple parts with the same name, same color.

Now suppose I also have a 2nd track with 50 parts of 4 measures length, each of which has already been individually named and colored and all of which are currently empty.

Is there a way to copy all the MIDI data from the source track into the destination track so that the data ends up inside the 50 parts on the destination track. By “a way” I mean to do it in a single operation. Doing it manually one-destination-part-at-a-time, 50 times, is what I need to avoid!

I made some good progress on this using Macros.

Here is a macro I call ‘Copy Part Data to Part Below’:

which lets me turn this:

into this:

Data to Named and Colored Part 02.png
Data to Named and Colored Part 01.png
Copy Part Data to Part Below 01.png

Now I need to find a way to “walk the parts” of a track to do them all at once!

You would need an external macro system, like Autohotkey or Keyboard Maestro.

So is it the case that the running of a Macro (if set) as the last step in the Project Logical Editor is actually only (and always) running that Macro exactly once (and not once per “found” object)?

Correct. Also note that macros don’t have timers built in, so they just execute as-they-come. This can result in missed steps in macros with many steps.

You might try looping macros and PLE, this can work in certain situations.

Good point about lack of built-in timers/delays for Cubase key command macros!

I have Macro Express here and have used it very successfully in the past for various non-Cubase interactions. However, I’m finding in my experiments that it and Cubase do not seem to play well together (intermittent lockups and/or crashes).

Are Autohotkey or Keyboard Maestro known to work well together with Cubase?

Autohotkey works great, Keyboard Maestro is Mac only, also works with Cubase.