How to move one system object in score without moving all system objects?

Hi all,
I’m having a hell of time with moving system objects in my score. It’s a large band score and I have the rehearsal letters and system lines that sit above the piccolo, trumpet 1 and percussion.
My problem is that when I move one of those objects, it moves all of the objects.

I have local properties set, not global.
I need global line objects because these are in the parts and I don’t want to set manually in every single part.

I have to manually move these objects because Dorico is placing them in bad locations on the page. Any ideas?

It looks like they’re being pushed up by other items on the trumpet staff: namely the “harmon mute…” text item (?) and however you’ve created the box in bar 4.

If the box is a type of horizontal line, make sure you’ve set its placement to be “inside staff” before moving it around, so that Dorico isn’t accounting for it in vertical positioning.

I’ll double check the trumpet box - it’s actually a top line and bottom line because I couldn’t figure out building an actual box.

Are there any recommendations for moving 1 system object and not all system objects? That would resolve the issue.

The ideal scenario is not needing to move them at all! If you use the options in the links above to get the neighbouring items in the “right place”, hopefully you’ll find the system-attached lines will already be in better positions.

In general, you should be able to move lines independently of other lines. They might impact their neighbours because they abut. You might need to share the project itself (or a cut-down version that just contains this first page worth of music) for myself or someone else to say more.