How to move Padshop/Retrologue elicense to new system?

I’ve read this a few times, but haven’t had success yet:

I’ve got my elicenser plugged in. and I’ve installed the latest Padshop update using the Download Assistant, but no success.

Any one mind doing a quick for-dummies guide here?

@Kearley Hey there.
Just to be clear since you say elicenser - You mean the dongle right? Because technically e-licenses are for Cubase Elements and Artist. Basically want to know if you are having this trouble with Cubase Pro or some other version? What message does Cubase give out? Do you see Retrologue or Padshop as vst instruments in Cubase? Will need a little more info to advice.

I think they send a voucher to your mySteinberg account, and that gives you the power to update the license.

@steve Will installing Steinberg Activation Manager work too?

Sorry if I’m not explaining it well. I thought the usb key was called the elicenser.
I can run CubasePro12 without this but not Padshop/Retrologue.

Under ‘show elicenser based products’, I’ll see Padshop (but not Retrologue? OK, whatever)
Under ‘Steinberg Licensing based products’, I just see Cubase12.

There is that ‘Redeem DL Access Code’, but the original Padshop code isn’t accepted there. Too many digits, apparently.

Please download the latest versions of the included plug-ins by clicking the icon for your Cubase version in the Steinberg Download Assistant. The included plug-ins don’t need license upgrade vouchers, they should run off your Cubase 12 license if they’re up-to-date.

Check if the updated versions of the plug-ins are actually being installed. These are the latest versions:

Halion Sonic SE: 3.5.10
Groove Agent SE: 5.1.11
Retrologue: 2.3.0
Padshop: 2.1.0

Older versions of these plug-ins do not support Steinberg Licensing. Try installing them from the download folder instead of running the installer from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

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Padshop 2 is not ready for the new licensing system, and Padshop 2 and Retrologue are included in the Cubase Pro 12 license. No separate license is needed. See, so do what @Romantique_Tp suggests.


Thanks for that Steve. I was confused a bit there… Padshop2not being ready, but also being included in the Cubase12 license? This is referring to the VSTi version vs the Cubase exclusive version right?

I didn’t realize they were licensed (and updated) differently… and so I found everything under the Cubase icon (in DL Assist) waiting for an update.

Apparently you own a Padshop 2 license, and it is now an included VST in Cubase Pro I do not recall clearly how it transpired, but I have a vague memory that it wasn’t included with Cubase a while back.