How to move portions of tracks up and down on Cubase without

I’ve been looking everywhere for this and it sounds like a very ‘dumb’ question but every time I move portions of a recorded track up and down (which I do a lot for ‘x’ reasons) I have to zoom way into the track in order to drag up or down without any -1 or +1. Sometimes in order to get a 0.0.00 I need to REALLY zoom in and drag it around with the mouse, otherwise I end up getting a +0.00.00 or -0.00.00

What is the RIGHT or EASY way to do this, obviously my method is terrible … if that word even exists

Is there a shift/control + ___ + arrow up or down = hot key that can do this for me?

Use control while dragging to keep exact place in the timeline.

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Also… if you press alt and drag it down it will copy. Alt and Control keys are life savers. It was a pure nightmare before i knew of them.

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That’s it … perfect - thank you!


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