How to move some notes to another part in the KEY editor - possible?

Hi All,
If I have several parts in the key editor - is there any way to move some notes from one part to another in the key editor ? :thinking:
Or do I have to cut/copy on the arrange page ? - this is cumbersome, if there are overlapping notes and you just want to move some of them…
TIA :slight_smile:


Copy from MIDI Part 1 in the Key Editor, Paste to MIDI Part 2 in the Key Editor.

Hi Mads,

if you open the context editor all your parts are open at the same time and you can move notes in between them easily…


You mean, if you select multiple MIDI Parts and open the Key Editor…

Right. Then you can switch between the parts either by using the Activate Part for Editing (in the manual, it’s named Currently Edited Part) controller, or just click to the Note of the given MIDI Part. Handling Several MIDI Parts page might be interesting for you.

Thank’s - that was easy :slight_smile:
But - it pastes to the playback cursor. Is there a way to paste to the same event position without moving the cursor ?


Use the Paste at Origin function, please.

No I actually meant the context editor! But I’m not sure if it is called that in english - just translated the word from my mother-language :sweat_smile:


There is no Context Editor in Cubase. Then you probably mean the In-Place Editor…? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

There is one in Germany :grin:
This is what I mean:


Yes, this is the In-Place Editor. :wink:

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