How to move time sig ?

I would like to have the time sig placed AFTER the repeat sign but I can’t move it in engrave mode.
What am I doing wrong ?

how to move time sig.jpg

You can’t do this, I’m afraid. We consider it to be “wrong” (in as much as you can ever really say that something is inarguably right or wrong in the world of music notation).

ok - I see… - but I don’t agree :wink:
I think it breaks the visual flow for a player to see 2 notes, a barline, a time sig, another barline and then more notes - all cramped tight together.

If the picture is showing the beginning of a piece, why would the time signature not be before ANY notes?

I was wondering this as well. Why wouldn’t it be:

  1. Clef
  2. Key signature
  3. Time signature
  4. Notes and stuff?

Looks like you’ve put your time signature in the wrong place, which has nothing to do with the behavior of the repeat bar…

Where else would I put it?
If I remove the repeat bar everything looks fine… :wink:

Right at the beginning of the document, straight after the clef.

Could it be that when you created the pick-up bar you forgot to create a 2/4 pick-up bar?
As you can see in the attached pic the time signature is before the pick-up bar.
But I took care to create a 2/4 pick-up bar.
In the “Create Time Signature” window
choose “Regular”
define 2/4
check Pick-up bar of: 1 beat
Insert the pick-up bar

Another Dorico way to create a pickup bar is invoke the meter popover at the beginning of the flow (shift-M) and write 2/4,1 in the popover.

much better! - Thank’s guys :slight_smile: