How to move tracks up or down quickly & smoothly

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if there is some way I can move tracks in the Main page quickly. Dragging them around a large project is very slow and the scrolling doesn’t seem smooth, it stops and starts.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi everyone,

I’m trying to find a way to Move a Track up and down in the Main Page smoothly while Dragging. When Dragging tracks it seems to move not smoothly and in a large Project it takes a long time to Drag them up and down. Is there some way that it can be done more quickly?

Thanks, any suggestions will be much appreciated.


There’s nothing you as a user can do about that.
There are workarounds that make the job quicker but they are all somewhat stupid as far as workarounds go.

  1. Using devided tracklist
    Enable divided tracklist if disabled
    Drag the tracks above the divider and drop them there
    Scroll to the track position you want the tracks to be moved to
    Grab the tracks above the devided tracklist into the position you want

  2. Using visibility
    Select the tracks you want to move and also select the first track that is BELOW the position you want to move the tracks to
    Visibility Show only selected tracks
    De-select the BELOW track
    Drag your tracks you want to move above the BELOW track
    Undo visibility change

There are probably more ways to do this.
Unfortunately none of the above are fully scriptable inside Nuendo so they do involve doing several mouse actions.
You could script it using third party scripting program together with the Project Logical Editor. However I am not sure if it’s worth the effort.

I use an old Lexicon Opus technique for this,

Select the clips you want to move.
Locate Nuendo’s cursor to the head of the first/earliest clip in the selection
Cut(ctrl X) the clips.
with out moving the cursor
Scroll and select the (top/lowest track numbered) track you want to move the now cut selection to, then Paste (ctrl V) them in.
Hope this is useful.


The OP wants to move the tracks, not the events/clips.
But to respond to your technique:

-Use the range select tool
-Define “a” region which has all the clips you want to move. (No need to define a specific starting point, just make sure your events are part of the region)
-Move up/down the tracks with the arrows to the target track



To the OP:

Like Eric above, I keep a small divided section of the Project window at the top for a number of reasons. One is to reorder tracks on large sessions.

  1. Select any/all tracks you want to move and drag them above the divider line.
  2. Scroll the main/lower part of the Project window to the desired location and drag the tracks wherever you want them.

It’s almost as fast as if the Nuendo worked correctly for moving tracks directly! :mrgreen:

It’s always been the case that CB and Nuendo totally neglect the simple act of organizing both Tracks and events. Cut/Copy Paste is not a good way to do it.

There should be a Track Lis pane which lets us drag tracks around while seeing them all … with color coding.

There should be sorting in the Project track list to sort by Name, type, color, date modified,…etc etc…

Three should be context menus to make a selection and with a right click have Move to … ( or Copy to… ) action.

Feel to to add it to the suggestion forum . I have multiple times but that section frustrates me to no end. I can’t find a suggestion there that’s ever been implemented.

Thanks everyone,

Great, dragging to the split window and then dragging to where I need them seems to be a handy work-around. I never thought of that! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your input