how to move vsts from older version of cubase to cubase 7

Do i have to reinstall of of the vsts?? i havent installed.cubase 7 yet…didnt receive it yet…but i have cubase 5 and i want to transfer all my vsti’s and fx to cubase 7. can it be done without a new install of all my plugins???


After you install Cubase 7, just make sure to include the folder(s) in your plug-in paths where Cubase 5 is looking. Everything should work fine without having to re-install any VSTs.

In Devices - Plug in Information - VST2.x Plug-in Paths, you can add folders to point to legacy paths for your VST’s.
That may be useful to you.

Having said that, I found it beneficial to re-install & update with latest versions when I changed from 4.5 to 7.0.
It’s amazing how much rubbish you can accumulate in folders (demo VST’s etc).
Time consuming, but I found it worthwhile.

K sounds good. I’m pretty good with my vst’s . I don’t have to much and all are up to date. If I set the plugin path to legacy path will it work for vst3.0 too??