How to mport wav files into cubase 6?

Hi, sorry to ask such a simple question but so far I cannot figure it out -how to import wav files into my Cubase 6. I’d akso like to know how to save them permantently. Steps would be much appreciated. Thanks!

The Getting Started manual will help.

Since I upgraded to Cubase 6 I did not receive a gettting started manual My older Cubase studio 4 manual did not mention wav files at all. Any link I can read this as a pdf?
Or if anyone knows the steps…I really appreciate them. Been trying to import wav files into Groove agent…not working at all. I am pretty sure it involves the Media Bay somehow but so far what I’ve tried there isn’t working either.

The .pdf’s are accessed through the help menu. Seems you’re trying to run before you crawl.

My C6 demo only has 4 more days but I’ll help you anyway. I assume (without trying) it works the same way… GA1 imports…

Thanks Audiocave for the info. I’m finally getting somewhere…your assist appreciated. :slight_smile: