How to Mute the Drum Group at once?

I have a Drum group track with Kick, Snare, Crash, etc… all in the same folder and I want to Mute then Unmute them all, at the same time, in certain measure in my song by using the buttons R/W automation, but Cubase doesn’t let me to do that.
Am I missing something or doing something wrong?
Appreciated any help or explanation.

Thank you

You are probably doing something wrong. And maybe if you could give some useful information on what exactly you are doing, and what exactly Cubase does not let you do, someone might be able to tell you what.

Do you have a group track where the individual drum tracks are routed to or do you only have a folder that contains the individual drum tracks?
(I hope you are aware of group tracks - iow the cubase terminology).

BR, Ernst

Thank you svennilenni & Elien for your replies.

I checked my drum track folder (which contains Kick, Snare, Toms, etc…) and noticed it is a regular Folder, it is not a Group folder.
My drum kit has different outputs for each element of the drum kits (Kick, Snare, Toms, etc…).
What I want to do is, to Mute completely my drum (Kick, snare Toms, etc…) for about 20 measures in the middle of my song and then Unmute.

Q 1- Is it possible to achieve this by moving my drum into a Group folder?

In Arranger window I tried to crate a Group folder and drag/drop my drums into it , but it’s not working.

Q 2- How can I move my drum into a Group folder in Arranger window in order to use Automation or further controls for individual drum’s instrument later in my project?

Thank you

You can not automate the mute/solo status on a folder track; you can do it on group tracks.
Take a look at how group tracks work; it seems to me that there’s a bit of confusion. Basically you create a group channel, then you send to this channel the output of your drum tracks (output routing). Finally, you automate the mute status on the group channel.

The arranger Window is not for this kind of things…

There is no Group Folder in Cubase. So you can’t drag Tracks into one to control all the Tracks (but there is a Feature Request for this capability). What Cubase has are Group Tracks that you can route audio to. Just like in a physical mixer.

Select all your drum Channels in the MixConsole and right+click on them. In the pop-up menu select “Add Group Channel to Selected Channels” to create your new Group Channel and route the drums to it.

I did group the my drum tracks in MixConsole and could figure out the Automation that I needed for some measures.
Thank you