How to mute track that I'm recording?


I want to record a guitar on two tracks simultaneously in Cubase Studio 5: one through my Line6 modelling pre-amp, but also a clean track for the studio tech to run through Guitar Rig.

My problem is that I want to record the clean signal but that I don’t want to hear it while playing, but I can’t find a setting that does that. I’ve searched this forum but can’t seem to find anything. I use an M-Audio Fasttrack Pro.

Oh never mind, solved it! It didn’t have anything to do with Cubase, I had the problem as well without having started up Cubase. Solved it by dialing the M-Audio Mix knob to playback only, plugged the direct signal in there, and plugged the processed signal in an external mixing board through which I hear both the original track and my processed signal only.