How to name cut up audio regions uniquely

I’m having a tough problem that I cannot find the answer to. I import an audio file. I cut it up because I want to edit different sections together. I’m trying to rename each cut up section to keep track of them and when I do this, every segment (part? event? whatever the nomenclature) changes to whichever name I just changed. How can each segment have it’s own unique part name? (event name?).

I bailed on Logic and this worked a bit differently I suppose.


Use Descriptions on the info line.
From the Manual:
Renaming events
By default, audio events show the name of their clip, but you can enter a separate descriptive name for separate events if you like. This is done by selecting the event and typing in a new name in the “Description” field on the info line.
•You can also give all events on a track the same name as the track by changing the track name, holding down a modifier key and pressing [Return].