How to name files and store them

I would like to have a simple way to have different versions of the same flow. When I save the file, it asks me if I want over the previous file. Since I want to make a new file, I do not know how to avoid writing over the previous flow. I would love advice on how to name files and save them. Thanks

If you want different versions of the same flow, one handy way might be to keep the different versions within the same project file. You can quickly duplicate a flow within your project:

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On the Desktop, you can always do File > Save As to save a copy with a new name; or assign a key shortcut to Save New Version, which you can then use to save a copy with a increasing number appended to the name.

If you’re on an iPad, things might be a bit more complex.

Thanks for responding. I will keep this in mind and give it a try.

Thanks. I think this might work very well for me.