How to name sections of marker tracks

I swear up until cubase 7.5 I was able to make sections with a ruler track or something else and colour code each section and name it. So for example I made a 64 bar section in blue and named it intro and so on.

I can’t seem to figure out how to do this in 9.5??

It wasn’t a folder track I know that for sure

You mean Play Order Track?

Yeah I was able to do that but you see how each part is named A B C etc. I swear I was able to name those to my own description.

Do you mean like this?

If so, create marker track, then set locator positions L and R, click on the right hand box on the marker track to create marker.

Edit titles either in the Inspector, or open the dialog using Edit, type in your titles.

Highlight each marker, select the desired colour.

This works fine in 9.5.21

Ok I figured it out by accident. So before in 7.5 you could click the letter in the arranger track and name it when you create that section but now you have to create it and the click on the section and in the top left hand corner where it says name it can rename the section.

So it’s the arranger track.

Before Cubase got multiple marker tracks, I used to do that - use an Arranger track just for labelling sections of a project so I could use my marker track for other things. So glad they gave us multiple tracks now.