How to name the audiofile by trackname

How can I name the audio file according to track name?

When render in place,
I would like to name the audio file same as the trackname.

There is a column ‘Name:’ in render in place setting,
However I cant figure out how can I name according to trackname.

Is it possible in cubase 8 pro.

You can rename the audio track in the “pool”. Search the op manual for how to do it. I’m not at my PC right now but page 902 seems to be ringing a bell for renaming audio files in the pool.

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Top left hand side of the project window…you can rename the audio event there…if I’ve caught your drift !! :slight_smile:

In the RIP-dialogue there’s a lock symbol. When ticked your file will have the track name plus ®.

you can while typing the track name hold in alt and hit enter and the track will have the “file” imprinted then.

select the event and then you will see the file > top left