How to normally explore base content? (.vstsound container)

Sorry, newbie question.
Is it available to see directly content of *.vstsound containers in media browser of H5 ?
For example, i want make new program with use any sample from Halion5 library.

Now, in media browser i see only VST3 Preset lists (and can find some samples in each preset structure). How to use H5 samples library without factory presets ? :confused:

I hope this is helpful and not redundant info, however, in the mediabay of HALion, in the top right corner, there is an icon, where if hovered over with the mouse cursor, will show up as ‘show program structure’. This will list all samples contained within that VSTPreset. You can select any of these samples and drag and drop them into a slot in HALion and it will load just like any other sample/preset. This is great for selecting a single sample from a program, that would otherwise contain more than you were after. It works quite well too. The downside? Well you can’t audition what is contained within the programs, not until it is already loaded into a slot. Boo I know! This is a long requested feature, to be able to preview, in some manner, the VSTpresets in real time before they are loaded, but as of now, it is not possible. You will have to drag and drop the samples and play them from the slot to hear them, or if you know exactly what you are after, then that is even better.

See my attached screenshot where I have a VSTpreset selected in the mediabay, with the show program structure icon being clicked to list what is contained within that preset. I have then selected a single sample from the list and dragged and dropped it into a slot to use.

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(I apologize in advance for my English)
Yes, I also catch to see it, but thanks for desire to help. Well, at least I make sure that nothing is missed.
No, I do not want to say that this is a significant problem (especially that i was impressed by some of the other parts of H5, and got enough), but it turns out that if you remove the factory presets, content will be unusable. This is not the standard approach at least.
Well, question resolved.

ps damn, you have a large monitor ))

I am glad you got your answer and np about your english, I understood you enough to try and help.

haha about the monitor, that is actually 2, side by side. I have one 24" and another another 24" pivoted 90 degrees, it is REALLY sweet having my zone page of HALion 51 a full 24" long, see everything in one shot without scrolling. :sunglasses:

Cantankerous Ok thanks.

Oh, ok )