How to not hear previous takes when cycle recording?

When I am cycle recording MIDI, I want to stack up multiple takes in lanes WITHOUT HEARING any previous takes.

I want to save old takes in lanes, but I want to hear only the take I am playing on the keyboard. I do not want to “play along” with previous takes.’

After several takes, I want to select only one. I know how to “comp”, but I prefer to try for a single good take.

I tried all 15 options available in the “Midi Record Modes” drop down, but none of them accomplishes this. The best I can do is listen to “only” the previous take while I am recording new takes.

Any suggestions? I am on Cubase 10.5, Windows 10 latest version.


I use the “stacked” mode, I believe

Thank you gergton.

In more testing, I discovered that the “Replace” and “Stacked” options let me create a series of takes that are automatically muted so that I hear only the current take. These come up muted, but are directly accessible with the comping tool, or they can be unmuted individually.

Is anybody using a different combination? I wonder if there are settings that effect cycle recording behavior, other than in the “Set Up Midi Record Modes” dialogue?

stacked here - every time :slight_smile: