How to notate bowed Crotales in DoricoPro5 using Noteperformer 4 (to change "mallets" to "bowed")?

Noteperformer 4 includes the “bowed Crotales” sound variant.
Neither I find the corresponding playing technique in Dorico under “pitched percussion” nor under “unpitched percussion”, and “arco” from the strings does not work.
Can you please tell me which playing technique (sign) I have to add to achieve that bowed sound?
Thank you.

Edited the title of the thread because it’s about

  1. how to notate crotales playing techniques (mallet/bowed) in general
  2. How to change between “mallets” and “bowed”.
    Thank you.



Thank you, Derrek, OK.

I thought I could change it in the same system by adding playing techniques.
Means that I would have to add a second (“single”) Crotales player and then change the instrument sound in NP4 to bowed.
“Group” player in Dorico wouldn’t do that because there is no option to selecet “bowed”
or “mallets”, right?