how to notate messa di voce quickly


which is the most efficient way of notating these kind of messa di voce dynamics:

The symbol from the right dynamics palette does extend the dim. into the next bar, the same happens, when I enter the dynamics manually after splitting the tied notes and rejoining them (tying them) again.
Are we “tied” to use Engrave Mode here?

[edit: this time the problem solved itself after I inserted a System Break on the double barline (thank you Dorico)]

Dorico 1.png
Dorico 2.png
messa di voce.png

If in general you would prefer gradual dynamics not to cross barlines, then set ‘Hairpins ending at beginning of note at start of bar’ to ‘Do not cross barline’. This is in the Advanced Options section underneath the Hairpins subheading on the Dynamics page of Engraving Options.

If you also want gradual dynamics to start/stop in the middle of tie chains, you don’t have to untie the notes, input the dynamics, then retie them - just press Shift-N or double-click the staff to activate the caret, input the dynamic you want (tip: just press < or > for the corresponding hairpin), press Space to advance the caret (according to the note duration selected in the Notes panel on the left) until it’s the length you want, then press ? (Shift-/) to end the dynamic. (Honestly, it’s much quicker & easier than it sounds written out like that!)

Thank you Daniel and Lillie,
you are both a great help

  • if not more than that :slight_smile: